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Samsons Lens & Frames is a name synonymous with eye care in Kannur for over half a century. A traditional business of its promoters started as the first of its kind in Kannur in 1964, Samsons Lens & Frames is now a byword for quality and elegance for anything in optical user ware. At our outlets we bring to you the best of international and national branded frames, lenses, contact lenses, sunglasses and goggles together with all the necessary accessories to suit the inclination and budget of every customer. We offer you the widest variety of choices, all under one roof.

But Samsons Lens & Frames is not about aesthetics alone .Our highly qualified ophthalmologists and optometrists carry out eye examination on the latest computer-controlled eye-testing equipment to confirm that the most optimum lens parameters are prescribed for the correction of defective vision. They are supported by a team of specially trained and skilled technicians who ensure that the lenses are accurately ground, aligned and fitted on the frame in accordance with the doctor’s directions.

We do not believe in advertisement, but prefer to rely on the immense goodwill of the thousands of our extremely satisfied customers who come back to us for repeat purchases. In short, all our efforts are focused on making every visit of a customer to Samsons Lens & Frames an experience to remember and a further strengthening of a life-long bond.

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